Discover the power of plants!

As the main importer in Switzerland of renowned brands such as VEGA Sport, Sunwarrior, and VIVO-LIFE, we supply both end customers and retailers. Our loyal customers include both amateur and professional athletes, as well as drugstores, fitness centers, and well-known vegan restaurants like Roots n' Friends.

More and more elite athletes like bodybuilder Robert Cheek, Iron-Man winner Natascha Badmann, boxing legend Mike Tyson, ice hockey player Andreas Hänni, and triathlete Brendan Brazier are adopting a plant-based diet - just like elephants, buffalos, and gorillas. They all know that success in sports is achievable without animal products.

Our mission is to convince athletes that muscle building and energy enhancement can be easily achieved with pure plant-based protein. Offer your customers proteins in the form of shakes, smoothies, or powder. Our products are not only vegan but also free from unnecessary additives.

We also understand the unique needs of clinics, oncology departments, hospitals, and doctors in providing the best resources and products specifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of your patients.

Our products offer:

Highest quality and purity: We place great emphasis on quality and use only high-quality organic ingredients to ensure that our protein shakes meet the highest standards.

Specially designed for patients: Our shakes are ideal for patients with specific nutritional needs, allergies, or increased protein requirements, especially in clinics, oncology departments, and hospitals.

Optimal nutrient supply: Each shake is rich in plant-based proteins and other essential nutrients that promote rapid recovery and increased well-being.

Versatile applications: Our products are suitable for various applications, whether to support recovery, complement a balanced diet, or serve as a valuable resource for your facility.

Open your retailer account today and get in touch with us. We look forward to providing you with advice and handling your request.

Discover the power of the plant world - together, we make the difference!

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